Our Story

Since 1990

We Are Passionate About Coffee

Dodo Café’s is an artisan coffee roastery based in Riche-Terre, Mauritius.   As the first specialty coffee roastery on the island, we have been developing our passion for coffee since 30 years. We sourced some of the best coffee beans around the world and in Mauritius roast daily to produce premium coffee.

We Are Coffee Machines Lovers

We are a team of professionals devoted to your coffee experience. We are also passionate about coffee machines. We represent some of the coolest coffee machine in the world, in Mauritius. We have a large portfolio of machine for home use to hospitality use. We are also devoted to our after-sales service. We have a team of coffee specialist technicians working 7/7 to make sure you never run out of coffee! If you need some advice on which coffee machine would be best for your office or just a top-up of the daily cleaning tablets for your coffee machine - we can help! We pride ourselves on being straightforward, honest and listening carefully to your requirements.

We Are Nature Lovers

With a focus on ethical practices to protect our island’s endemic species, we sponsor the Mauritius WildLife Foundation.  You can feel good drinking Dodo Café, because with each purchase you are also funding the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, supporting of the conservation& preservation of our island’ endemic species.
Our brand is named after our love for coffee and nature. The dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It is our island emblem and is also frequently cited as one of the most well-known examples of human-induced extinction and also serves as a symbol of obsolescence with respect to human technological progress.
At Dodo Café Roastery, we believe being eco-friendly shouldn’t compromise enjoying great specialty coffee from around the world.  In 2020, we designed a completely plant-based, compostable coffee capsule to pack our favorite coffee blends, so you can still have the fresh & delicious cup and feel good not harming the planet with single-use aluminum or plastic. Furthermore, you are supporting the funding of the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. 100% Guilt-free coffee Capsules. Click here to check them out.


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